The Best of Two Worlds

Strength is born from tranquility – especially when it comes to concentrative working. The proximity of business, science and culture centers, on the other hand, stimulates the mind and brings concepts and ideas into blossom. Luckily, there is a very special place in Dortmund where best city location and relaxed green belt flair harmoniously blend.

Welcome to Firmkontor, the stimulating address for your business!

Clearly More Reality Than Illusion

Superficial beholders are bound to be for the high jump. When they open a window on one of Firmkontor’s generous floors, for example: Surprisingly calm and with an open view, the rooms are just perfect for relaxed working – at any place of the solitary office building. Another moment of revelation is induced by the clever “Vario Office” system allowing for a flexible re-designing of the rooms – when more room for meeting or more offices for brooding are needed.
The building’s high technical and furnishing standard, low utilities, a perfect traffic connection and the thoroughly tenant-friendly maintenance provide the icing on the cake to make tenants feel at home in Semerteichstraße right from the beginning.

Plenty of Space for Adjustable Office Concepts

One object, two buildings, six floors, endless possibilities. Built in 1998 and meticulously maintained, Firmkontor relies on minimalist looks and maximal flexibility. Externally, the building presents itself as consciously subdued; internally, it scores with a diversity of options that is truly hard to beat.
The lightweight partition system “Vario Office” is a quick and easy way to fashion the units’ floor layouts – before moving in, but also when business is in full swing. Due to the consistent sequence of windows, even small rooms will get plenty of air and natural light. By this means, your office will always adapt to the changes an active business life brings along – and grant you the ideal environment for entrepreneurial success.

Double Space – Simply Capacious

With a total office space of 8,510.53 m² and 830 m² of standard floor plan, Firmkontor is a no-fuss location for small & cute or big & grave business ideas alike. Every floor has a maximum of two tenants and can be divided in units with a minimum floor space of 350 m². (All specified measurements are approximate.)

Intrinsic Values for More Comfort

Elaborate planning, premium materials and extraordinary efficiency are the simple, but ambitious criteria for the furnishing of Firmkontor’s office floors.
Representative front doors in aluminium and glass along with floors in natural stone or an equivalent flooring of choice define the stylish setting that welcomes tenants and visitors alike. An electrically controlled external sun protection at the building’s South/West side ensures that the indoor climate is always perfectly pleasant. A powerful ceiling cooling in selected rooms guarantees optimal temperature equalization.
All rooms have ready-to-plug CAD 5 IT cabling and a hollow floor granting connectivity just about everywhere. Additional extras are full height fitted cupboards in most of the rooms, consistent overhead lighting, satellite receivers and last, but not least, convenient pantry kitchens on every floor to supply employees and guests with a large coffee or a little snack.

Flexible Floor Plans to Meet Your Requirements

Small think tanks, stimulating team rooms or space saving open plan offices – the architecture at Firmkontor adapts to the people who work there. Due to the building's angular floor plan, even diagonal separations are possible – so your office matches your preferences right down to the last detail.

Just get in and get there

Via subway, streetcar or federal highway – In Dortmund, all roads lead to Firmkontor. And from there directly into the city, the outskirts or the rest of the republic. This way, you’ll always reach your destination quickly – and will be able to devote yourself, without ruffle and excitement, to things that matter: your family, your colleagues and your business.


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